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Through the Lens, with the Pen,
within the Spirit;
the chance, fortune, danger, luck,
and power of Adventure beckons.
!25342 ~ Amazon JUNGLE!
So 2021.
Heading off into the Amazon rainforest – part of a video documentary on culture, music, wildlife. 15-days – light adventure in Iquitos Peru and on into the jungle to the Kukama Community; moderate challenge but opportunities for a bit of extreme to learn jungle survival. Then by boat on the Amazon River visiting local communities. Flat out extreme adventure into primary forest. while our musicians go for the
Guinness World Record for The Longest Continuous
Concert By A Single Group.

Music Adventure in the Amazon Jungle As I wrote years ago on my very first web page “Your guides are those like yourself...on a Journey”.
So true today as well, both ways; I'm looking for the “yourselves”.
Those who hold an energy to discover, to explore, to challenge their spirit.
If you ever imagined yourself to help with such an adventure you have to contact me.

More info about our Rumble Inca Jungle