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Through the Lens, with the Pen,
within the Spirit;
the chance, fortune, danger, luck,
and power of Adventure beckons.
!25342 ~ Amazon JUNGLE!
So October 2020.
Heading off into the Amazon rainforest – part of a video documentary on culture, music, wildlife. 15-days – light adventure in Iquitos Peru and on into the jungle to the Kukama Community; moderate challenge but opportunities for a bit of extreme to learn jungle survival. Then by boat on the Amazon River visiting local communities. Flat out extreme adventure into primary forest. while our musicians go for the
Guinness World Record for The Longest Continuous
Concert By A Single Group.

Music Adventure in the Amazon Jungle As I wrote years ago on my very first web page “Your guides are those like yourself...on a Journey”.
So true today as well, both ways; I'm looking for the “yourselves”.
Those who hold an energy to discover, to explore, to challenge their spirit.
If you ever imagined yourself to help with such an adventure you have to contact me.

More info about our Rumble Inca Jungle

!25030 ~ the end for web pages

If you walked onto the starship Enterprise's holodeck would you see your product/service/information accessible?
That is the future & beyond make no mistake thinking the current www technology will be effective for any length of time no matter how much you have spent on web site development. The web is moving exponentially where no man/woman has been before.
= "Amazon Video is seeking a talented Senior Software Development Manager to lead our virtual reality team." Shopping via virtual reality is a trend that's expected to take off, according to a recent research report.
A quote I found by Arne Alsin: "I'm envisioning a fully-fledged [virtual] shopping mall where customers can walk around, browse different stores, check out different products, and interact with other shoppers. They could shop alone or with friends, or even meet new people browsing alongside them."

The evolution from 2D (websites, videos, social media sites) to 3D (virtual) is unavoidable & will be accessible through cell phones and even tv sets; no computer or web page needed.
But before we get into all that let’s take a look at how everything went from 10 websites on the www to 1+billion sites:
In the year 1994 Jerry Yang and David Filo created a website named "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web". The Guide was a directory of other websites, organized in a hierarchy.
About that same time I created my first website and added it to Jerry and David’s directory.
In the year 1995 Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web became "Yahoo!".

In the year 1992 there were 10 websites on the www.
1994 there were 2,738 websites and 25-million people using the internet.
1997 there were 1,117,255 websites and 120-million users.
2017 1+billion sites and 3+billion users.

The very first YouTube video was uploaded on 23 April 2005.
2017: Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.

!25031 ~ the beginning of the new internet

The Terminators came and went; the machines had already won.
By 2019, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video [Cisco Study].
The HTML, the Wordpress, the blogs, the directories, the social media pages you invested in all go into a "cloud" churned to vapor.
The reality is ever changing on the internet and you have a choice to continue what current trends promise or invest yourself into the creation of What Will Be.

Your choice but first here is why I can help.

!25032 ~ The meaning of the internet by thought alone

For the next part...The faster you go the slowwwer time progresses (and the slimmer you are!). But don’t try to go the speed of light cause you’ll end up with both infinite mass and a length of 0. But maybe you’ll have kinetic energy, more on that in a bit.
Point is "slow down and time flies". So get up and get moving for a while and come back here later. That way you'll have more time to think about this.

!25033 ~ Silverfish

While studying computer science at FSU, the punch card machines of the day, I started writing a personal journal. Caught on to eventually write just about every day whenever possible. Places I visited, people I met, rambling thoughts and cryptic poetry.
51-years later now boxes full of journals of all sizes, shapes and colors: whatever felt good to start once one was full.
That doesn’t include the 110, 127, 35, & 4x5 films in a bunch of other boxes. Or the floppies, zips, cds, dvds burned with more writing and photography.

So, this is a ShoutOut to all of you out there who share the passion and obsession of your own journals.
Let’s get together and start a foundation, build a secure building for our stuff. We could turn it into a Virtual Library so future anthropologists could browse from their vrWindō

Otherwise it will all end up as a home for slender, flat, wingless insects...the Silverfish. Or some future life in a Dempster-Dumpster.

Ever wonder where the name Dempster-Dumpster came from?

!25034 ~ Will everybody please calm down!
Let's face it, if we don't work together to make change others will make change to their best interests.
Everybody wants the change but nobody has the dollar bill.

!25035 ~ Wanna part-time job for 5-years and then live high on the hog?

Members of Congress get paid at least $174,000 per year.
They can take up to 239 days off each year.

Congressional members are required to purchase health insurance through health exchanges.
Taxpayers pay up to 73% of the congressional premiums.

Taxpayers pay matching contributions to Congress members' 401k.

There's absolutely nothing in the Securities and Exchange Commission Act that prevents lawmakers from profiting on inside information they learn just doing their jobs.

They don't have to prove to a boss that they deserve a higher salary; they only need to convince one another that it is a good idea. Then they all vote on it.

In 2014 there were 351 former members of Congress who had retired under the Civil Service Retirement System. Those members were receiving an average annual pension of $72,660.

!25036 ~ Terminator is a Nanochip

Your computer knows more about you than any human does, including you.

So you’re in the middle of an email and think “I don’t want to say that” so you hit the backspace, delete, and start over. Opps. Think it went away? Computers don’t have a Delete. Everything you write is somewhere on the hard drive in some form or another. And for you on the Cloud, guess what; every keystroke you make, including what you erase, is etched into the cloud core, probably forever.

And you think you can delete something from your web site?
Just remember; the next time your potentially new employer uses archive.org to a look at what your web site looked like in 2006 good chance it is there exactly as you had it.