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Film & Photography Services

Logistics, Location, & Production Services for media & music venues
Film, Video, Photography, festivals/events, & Adventure Expeditions

Specialists for Tropical Rainforest wildlife & Indigenous cultures, and mountain archaeology & cultures.

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Amazon Refuge Wildlife Center

Amazon RefugeThere is a place on our planet where the rainforest
is home to more species of mammal
than any other place on Earth.

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Through the Lens, with the Pen, within the Spirit; the chance, fortune, danger, luck, and power of Adventure beckons. The passage is Vision, Imagination, and Perseverance. The map is drawn within the sunset, etched amongst the stars. Your guides are those like yourself...on a Journey.

It was 1954 in a matinee movie theater in Clearwater, Florida. Screams screeched through the projector's flicker.

The Creature, in a choreographed underwater backstroke, inches away from our Amazon heroine as she swam across the surface of the Black Lagoon.

Synchronicity, the Beauty and the Creature From The Black Lagoon: And the stage was set for Davarian’s future in adventure travel and photography.

Following a stint as a radio technician in the USMC, Davarian studied photography/film and computer science. During frequent breaks from his mastering of darkroom special effects Davarian could be found on his sailboat on a Caribbean Island or backpacking across the Andes Mountains or by river canoes into the Amazon Rainforest.

With the advent of the World Wide Web Davarian’s expertise in computer coding, travel writing and photography led him to management positions in web site architecture, travel marketing, and logistical services for professional photographers/media organizations.

Davarian’s writings and photography have been publish in National Geographic Adventure, promotional materials for the State of Florida and the country of Peru, as well as on scores of commercial travel web sites.

Expeditions organized by Davarian include those for National Geographic, The Explorer’s Club, Slate Magazine, and the Washington Post.

Screen credits include:

Special Effects Lab Supervisor, 1986, “Dr. Otto & the Riddle of the Gloom Beam”.

Production Services, Discovery Channel, 2014-2015-2016, “Naked & Afraid”.

Davarian is currently an owner in the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center:

Founder of Davarian’s Expedition Photography,

Close collaborator with Peruvian anthropologist Dr. Peter Lerche.

Director for World Class Travel Services in Gainesville Florida.

Davarian lives with his wife, Drae, of 41-years, with 2-dogs and 3-cats in Gainesville, Florida.

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Current Projects

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Drae & the Shaman Prince
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